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10 Tools to Study the Bible: free and for all levels

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I will be sharing with you tools to study the Bible, this selection of free tools that will help you grow in your discipline of studying the Bible.

Tools to Study the Bible


  • If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. (James 1:5)
  • Every time you approach the Word, begin with prayer, asking for wisdom to understand what you read and for a sensitive heart.
  • This is the most basic and accessible tool we have, don’t overlook it.

Bible Gateway

  • It is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to search the biblical text in several languages, and various versions of the Bible.
  • You have access to audio bibles, dictionaries, reading plans and other resources that will help you understand the biblical text.
  • You can create a free account that allows you to write and save notes; highlight Bible passages with up to four colors; bookmark verses and sync all of the above across multiple devices.
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  • It offers you access to multiple versions of the Bible.
  • Notes and cross-references.
  • By registering, you have access to some comments and dictionaries.

Bible Hub

  • It allows you to read multiple versions at the same time.
  • If you are a visual learner, you will like the fact that it includes maps.
  • You will have access to audio versions, commentaries, sermons and more.

Audio Bibles

  • We already mentioned other tools that have access to audio-bibles; However, I want to emphasize the value of this tool.
  • When we study the Bible, we intend to keep the context of the book in mind and with longer books, it will take you longer to read the entire book in one sitting. You can make it more effective or while doing other tasks if you listen to it.
  • Taking the time to listen to the book you will be studying will be of great benefit to you for when you can pick up your Bible and begin to read and apply it. 
  • We recommend you:Public Reading of Scripture

Your Bible

  • Start by reading the introduction of your Bible so that you know its characteristics and what it contains.
  • As you progress in your reading and study, visit the cross-references or notes.
  • If you have a concordance or comments, they are excellent tools that you should not forget.


  • Find definitions of words you don’t know or to clarify their meanings.
  • As we delve deeper into our study of the Bible, this process of searching for definitions will help you better apply what you study.

Bible Project

  • In this project you will find several resources, my favorite is the animated videos introducing the books.
  • But you can also see and study the posters with summaries of the books of the Bible.
  • Reading plans to guide you in your study.
  • They also have thematic videos available, which will help you delve deeper into some specific topics covered in the Bible.

Your sisters

  • This might not seem like a tool to study the bible, but it actually is a powerful one, talk to your sisters in the faith about what you are reading and studying.
  • Ask the questions that have arisen in your mind, they may not have all the answers, but you can grow and learn together.

Your Study and Sermon Notebooks

  • Taking notes during the Sermon or Bible studies is not simply to appear that you are paying attention, but so you can refer to those notes at another time.
  • Make sure you organize your notes, so you can find them easily.

We hope that these 10 tools for studying the Bible encourage you to be more effective in your study time. You can read our tips for studying the Bible. Tell us in the comments that other free tools or resources you use during your study time.

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