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Let no one disqualify you (Colossians 2:8-23)

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We have studied how Paul stresses the importance of knowing, believing, and staying grounded in the fundamentals of the Word of Truth, the Gospel. 

In this passage, we will see the warning that he gives to the Colossians and to us about the elemental spirits of the world, and let no one disqualify you.

Verse 8 of Chapter 2 he says: “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.”

Once again, he summarizes the importance and implications of the redemptive work of Christ (v. 8-15):

  • that in Him dwells all the fullness of God, 
  • He is the head, 
  • He canceled our debt, 
  • in Him, we are dead and resurrected by the power of God. 
Colossians AD
Let no one disqualify you (Colossians 2:8-23) 6

Raised with Him

Let’s focus on verses 12 and 13; we were dead in our crimes and in our sins; which were forgiven by the death of Christ, so we also die to sin. But not only this, but just as He was raised, we are raised with Him by faith.

When we believe in the power of God who sustained Christ in the middle of the cross and resurrected him, we receive that same power to die to our sin and live a life as risen in Him. 

It is much easier to write or read about this truth than live daily rooted on it. But as the years pass by, and we spend more time on his Word, we should be more awed by the nature of Christ. 

As we understand better the magnitude of his sacrifice, we should long more to live for His Glory. We will want to thoroughly enjoy what He has provided for us. That’s my prayer for you and me as we progress in this bible study. 

Let no one disqualify you

In a previous lesson, we talked about those promotional checks that seem real, but are a hoax. This time let’s think about your family’s income check, whether it’s from your job, your husband or both. 

You know for sure that this check or deposit is legitimate, it is true that they have worked to obtain it. Would you allow someone to say that money is not yours?

Would you believe someone who tells you that you need to work another week to be able to use that money? 

I highly doubt it, the work has been done, and the check is in your hands or the deposit is in progress; the money is yours. You already won the prize! There is nothing more to do.

In verse 18, Paul warns the Colossians: let no one disqualify you. What is he saying? He is telling them, you and me: Christ paid the price!

Our redemption and justification, and we have received it by faith. Don’t be fooled, there is nothing else you have to do; there’s nothing else you can do to overcome sin. 

We could easily think that the Colossians were weak in their faith because they were deceived by those teachers who were clever in diverting their gaze from Christ. But how about you, how about me?

Many more times than we would like to admit, we take our eyes off Christ and the power of his redemptive work; to look at human actions that make us feel or lead others to think that we are reaching our salvation. 

The reward is ours

Paul mentions some of the things that were leading the Colossians astray in verse 18. What we must ask ourselves today is: what are some of the things that are leading us astray? What things have others led us to believe that we need to do to please God and get our reward?

Paul calls the Colossians to be part of the body attached to the Head, to Christ, so that they can grow as God has already planned. We are not saying that our life will be the same as it was before knowing the gospel; and in chapter 3 we will see very practical exhortations; but our reward (redemption and justification) has already been given to us by Christ. We cannot contribute anything else to that.

Let no one disqualify you (Colossians 2:8-23) 7

They are worthless against the flesh

In verse 23, Paul tells them, yes these things can be heard as full of wisdom in human religion, but they are of no value against the appetites of the flesh. 

All the actions that we can do or stop doing can help to build an appearance of piety, but they are of no use to us in our fighting against sin. 

“Do not handle, do not taste, do not touch” (v. 21) what other things would you add to this list?

We are not talking about not practicing our spiritual disciplines or not refraining from those things that hurt us or others around us. Paul wants us to be aware of those things we do to appear godly, but we know very well that they do not help us at all in defeating sin in our lives. 

Perhaps you are thinking of examples of extreme legalism, and you think the same thing, that they are weak to be fooled.

But let’s take some time to pray and be honest about our actions and our hearts, what things do we think that will help us win God’s favor for us, for our families? 

Plans, habits, strategies, abstinence, work, etc. But not only that, what do we tell others they have to do to earn God’s favor? 

Are we leading them to put their faith in the redemptive work of Christ, or are we defrauding them of what’s already theirs? Lord help us, and have mercy on us.


I want to close with this, and I hope you can remember it every day, especially when the enemy comes to accuse you of your weakness. 

The only thing we need to do battle against the appetites of our flesh is to believe that the work of Christ on the cross is sufficient for the forgiveness of our sins. It is by faith that we are raised with Him, it is by faith that we receive the prize of redemption, it is by Him that we can triumph. (v. 15)

We read in John 8:36 that Jesus himself said: “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” 

Let nothing and no one disqualify you of the prize that the Son has already obtained for us. Let’s live like we have the right weapon against our sin, let’s live truly free, let’s live like the prize is ours, let’s live as raised in Him.

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