Earn free Books for your family or organization

Inside pages of books from Usborne Books & More

Hosting an online event with us and Usborne Books & More is easy and fun. At the end of your event, if you have received more than $100 in sales, you start earning free books. I’ll give you all the details later on how to earn free books through Usborne Books & More, if you are interested send me a message, and we will get started.

Tener un evento en línea con nosotros y Usborne Books & More es fácil y divertido. Al final del evento, si has alcanzado más de $100 en ventas, comienzas a ganar libros gratis. Te daré todos los detalles más tarde de como obtener más libros gratis, si estás interesada envíame un mensaje, y comenzamos a planificar.

Rewards from an event

We have been able to create a beautiful home library to enrich our homeschooling journey.

Hemos podido crear una hermosa biblioteca en casa para enriquecer nuestra aventura de enseñar en casa.