Homeschooling: learning and teaching at home

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In 2018, I started to evaluate seriously the option of homeschooling for our family. Even though I was seriously considering this, I didn’t feel prepared at all. I’ve read a lot and talked to a lot of other families about their journeys, and that’s why I wanted to create this section to share our journey. We started this adventure with Jonatán our son with special needs. After 6 months we integrated Peniel, our oldest, and the little one joined by default. In this section, I’ll share our experience, words of encouragement, resources, and more.

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Myrna’s Reading Nook

I will also be sharing our online bookstore with Usborne Books & More, reviews of the books and how we use them in our home school and daily living. Since 2018 we joined this publisher of educational books for kids and teens with the main purpose of develop our home library. We have discovered great resources that have helped us to work on different skills, and I want to share them with you. From our bookstore, we ship to all US and PR. If you are in another country, send us a message to help you find them.

Our home library 😍

Two things I want to make clear about these recommendations. First, I am an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books & More, which means I receive a commission from the sales of my bookstore. That being said, following our Policy of Affiliate Links, I’ll be sharing the resources that we have used and recommend. D

Second, Usborne Books & More is a secular publisher, some theories, concepts, ideologies, etc. won’t align with our beliefs as Christians that affirm that the Bible is the supreme authority.

You might be wondering, why do we still use them?

  • They help us explore, comprehend and master skills and concepts like writing, math, vocabulary, develop imagination and much more.
  • Our homeschooling philosophy includes opportunities to see and study wrong theories or thinking opposed to our beliefs. With the purpose that they learn the differences and also to learn how to support what we believe.
  • If we share a resource in this page that can be considered controversial, we will do our best to make a note about it on the post.

If you have any questions while browsing our online bookstore, send us a message at If you want to be in the loop about make sure to join our Facebook community Learning is Fun!