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Firmly Rooted (Colossians 2:1-7)

Image: Roots of a big tree rooted to the ground Text: Firmly Rooted

In this portion of the letter, Paul shares his concern for the Colossians, for those from Laodicea and those who have not seen him in person; the concern is that they are not deceived by persuasive reasoning, but stay firmly rooted. (v. 4) 


Although Paul does not go into the details of those false reasoning and teachings, which can seduce new believers in these cities. The way to prevent it is the same one that he has been stressing since the beginning of the letter: the Word of Truth, the Gospel.

In verse 2 he makes it clear to them that the purpose of the letter is to encourage them so that they can achieve riches. Riches that come from understanding and knowing the mystery of God, which is Christ. 

A full knowledge; that is, not simply a knowledge of theory or facts; but of the implications of the sacrifice of the Messiah. 

We will see in the next few chapters that he will be exhorting them not only to believe, but also to live according to the magnitude of the redemption and justification they have received in Christ.


Paul recognizes and rejoices in those good works that he has heard from them as their discipline and steadfastness in the faith. Why is, then, Paul worried about them? 

If they are showing that they know the faith and remain in it. He is exhorting them not only to stand firm in the faith, but also to walk in Christ, the object of their faith, standing firm in Him and with gratitude. 

This is not simply expressing in specific words or actions what we believe; but that our life in its entirety reflects the image of our redeemer.

Our worry

How many times in our lives can we be disciplined and firm in what we believe, but our walk, our attitudes, and actions, show another image that is not that of Christ? 

Paul reminds them and us of the riches we have in Christ. The riches that your heart and mine long for may be the same or different; be it an ideal weight, the house of our dreams, well-behaved children, a fairy tale love story, trips to brag about, academic or work achievements; regardless of what name we give it, all of these things will subtly lead us to seek ways to achieve them that are outside of Christ.

In chapter 3 we will see that Paul tells them that their goal should be to keep their eyes on the things above, and he will continue with clarify and give specific examples of how they should live their lives. 

This should be the same concern we have for ourselves and for those around us. Take care not to be deceived either by subtleties of this world or theological ideas that divert us from living grateful and rooted in faith.

Firmly Rooted

Let us take some time to pray that the Lord will help us see what subtleties are keeping us from walking in Christ. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves and with the Lord about the riches we long for and the means we are pursuing to achieve them. 

May the Lord open our eyes so that we can see him exalted, and may this lead us to surrender our lives to his service, confident that in Him, we have everything we need for this life and eternity. To grow and walk in Him, firmly rooted and built up in Him. (v. 7)

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